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Another pink initiative by Pretzel.

Offline has become secondary. Real life is a term now inexorably tied to the internet. The screen has become primary. It is the modern fairytale that has overpowered its author, so that its existence wields authority. The very notion of real life has been bastardised by our electronic limb - IRL. We have become actors in a crude reality show, where there’s fighting, fucking and Nazis.

Marketing is an extinct art form, buried by its own disciples, and usurped by virality. Our worth now depends on a click. But a click does not nourish, it does not quench. Ever tried licking your phone? Don’t. 

We are bored. Our eyes are sore. It all looks the same. A copy of a copy of a copy. Whatever happened to the pencil, the stapler, the glue stick? Whatever happened to the first date, the 10k run, the last bus of the night. Whatever happened to sitting in a bath, with a duck. We miss it, so that’s where we’re headed.


See You in the Real World.

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